Breaking the Connection between Emotional Pain & Physical Illness

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Author: Dr. Lawrence C. Bennett

This book explores the scientific and psychological aspects of linked emotional and physical pain. The author provides a researched basis for the connection and leads readers through the process of healing. Many patients of traditional medicine who do not respond to conventional treatments are experiencing the physical manifestation of unhealed emotional pain. Sandra, a former patient, is an excellent example: even through she was prescribed a large variety of medications, drugs could not heal the pain resulting from years of abuse.

The connection between negative emotions and physical illness can be traced to the hypothalamus, a small part of the brain that controls emotions as well as important body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and body weight. The hypothalamus also contains reward and punishment centers that can affect an individual’s physical health when damaged. After identifying the source of the problem, the author provides in-depth analyses of three crippling emotions, anger, fear, and worry, providing strategies to combat their effects.

Finally, the author advocates finding faith and employing spiritual healing, which includes forgiveness, to provide relief from physical illness. Fighting physical and emotional pain at the source, “Breaking the Connection between Emotional Pain and Physical Illness” is designed to enable readers to end a cycle of emotional trauma and physical illness with psychological and spiritual strategies.
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