Realizing that most people have eaten their way into their present health condition, it is Dr. Bennett's belief that chiropractic care alone is not enough to solve the average person’s ailments. Correcting pinched nerves is just part of what we do. Understanding that we are made up of organs, systems, and emotions is also part of the process to restoring one’s health.  For maximum healing potential, we use vitamins, homeopathy, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, meridian therapy, reflex therapy, stress relief and more.

My services are not just limited to the office. I am also available to speak at your small group. Lectures are geared toward your health and are not “sales-pitch” oriented. Because our services are not covered by most insurance companies, Dr. Bennett is unable to accept insurance.

I would also like you to be aware of the Cleanse & Detox product. You can find written instructions under the "Cleanse & Detox" tab. Cleanse & Detox's goal is to provide an herbal colon cleanse that could be used on a regular basis if necessary, without being habit forming or acting as a bowel stimulant. I think you will enjoy the results that this product provides.

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